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Creative Mindfulness, Learning, Nature, and the Arts

Aim of the Mandala 


Creative means mindful, mindful means enlightened. Those are not magic words, they simply offer access to a meaningful life. See those words in the most unfuzzy way you can. They are foundational concepts.


Creative means finding your own way, solving problems, adapting to situations.


Mindful means perceptive, unjudging, and compassionate.


Enlightened means understanding and embracing.


This web site aims is to make a mandala of those ideas. Mandalas are centering device, a way to focus.

The entries on this site illustrate various ways my attention has focused. Perhaps they can be of use.


I have added a PayPal button below. If you find anything useful or engaging on this site, please consider donating. It is not wrong to see value in your work. Furthermore, I can upgrade the website.

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